These advanced classes will teach you techniques to deepen, expand and evolve your daily Vedic meditation practice. Join us for rounding rejuvenation days, receive your advanced mantra or dive right in with our advanced Rishi Training course!



‘Rounding’ is an advanced technique that combines yoga asana, pranayama (breath work) and meditation. It's an amazingly powerful advanced technique that clears deep-rooted stresses, gives deep profound rest to the body and expands your meditation practice. Through weekly rounding, you become lighter, clearer, more open and able to detect the subtle beauty in all of life.

Rounding is a technique you learn that can then be practiced at home, added on to your existing meditation practice. Rounding is what we practice on our retreats and is a pre-requisite for 'Rishi Training'. Once you have learnt rounding, you can continue to attend the rounding workshops as wonderful rejuvenation evenings.


Includes rounding instruction, knowledge session, take-home notes, Ayurvedic lunch/dinner and community hangout.

Investment: $110 Note: You can resit the introduction workshop for $50 if you have already learnt.



For those that have already learnt rounding, this session is a way to practice with the community, get in flow, and give yourself a mini-rejuvenation retreat experience! Includes Ayurvedic lunch and tea.

Investment: $50

Next group session - TBC


Each 12+ months you've been regularly practicing Vedic meditation, you can receive an advanced mantra which assists in expanding your practice into deeper and more subtle states. It allows you to integrate that elusive, deeply charming state you slip into in your deepest meditations, into every moment of your life.

An advanced technique may involve you learning a more advanced version of your existing mantra, or learning a more advanced method of using the mantra you've already received. For those who wish to take their practice deeper, it is recommended you learn an advanced mantra every 12 months.

1.5 hour private session with ceremony --- $385

2 hour group session with ceremony --- $220



> The group session is for anyone wanting to receive their next advanced mantra - whether that be their first or seventh! The private session is for one-on-one instruction with the convenience of choosing your own day and time.

> You can receive your advanced mantra from any Vedic meditation teacher. If you learnt with Laura but are no longer close by, you can receive it from a teacher in your area. Or if you learnt with someone else, Laura can give you your advanced mantra.

> The advanced mantra is different from the advanced techniques taught in the Rishi Training course.



Rishi Training is a year long advanced knowledge course that takes you deep into the ancient Vedic philosophy, where you will unravel many of the secrets and mysteries of the universe and yourself! The course is delivered over six weekends staggered throughout the year, facilitated by Laura Poole, and includes discussing concepts and practicing advanced techniques that will have a profound impact on your life experience. You will have many ‘ah-ha’ moments with clarity dawning about the nature of reality and your ultimate purpose. Each weekend course will open your mind, advance your meditation practice and give you the direct experience of your truest self.

Rishi Training will have a powerful uplifting effect on your state of consciousness giving you a true understanding of the meaning of life. It is a journey into the deep, subtle and powerful ancient Vedic wisdom with practical tools and techniques to easily integrate this knowledge into everyday life.

For more information, please email to receive an extensive PDF with all the details!

NEW COURSE 2019-2020

RT1 - November 15-17

RT2 - January 31 - February 2, 2020

RT3 - March 27-29, 2020

RT4 - May 15-17, 2020

RT5 - July 3-5, 2020

RT6 - August 21-23, 2020 TBC

Optional India Retreat for anyone who has taken Rishi Training - Late 2021

RISHI TRAINING Investment PartS 1-6 --- $550 each

Siddha Training


Note: This advanced course is only for those who have completed Rishi Training. This advanced course is delivered over six weekends staggered throughout the year, facilitated by Laura Poole. Siddha Training is an advanced practice to help Vedic meditators achieve the height of human potential. A 'siddhi' is an extraordinary human power and this course helps you develop and embody the powers of a fully realised human being. Once mastered, the siddhis are considered to be the most powerful advanced technique in a meditator's repertoire.

This course and its deep wisdom finds its roots in master teacher Maharishi Patanjali, who 2700 years ago cognised his masterpiece, The Yoga Sutras. Very few have fathomed the truth of Patanjali's teachings and consequently the practices he taught have lived in obscurity until recent times. This course is about re-enlivening Patanjali's teachings and embodying the powerful transformation that comes from aligning yourself with the fullness of natures intelligence.

NEW COURSE 2019-2020

Part 1 --- August 24-25, 2019
Part 2 --- TBC
Part 3 --- TBC
Part 4 --- TBC
Part 5 --- TBC

SIDDHA TRAINING Investment Part 1-5 --- $550 each

Part 6 --- Retreat --- TBC

Payment plans available. Please contact Laura to discuss.

Note: The first 5 x parts of Siddha Training are held over a weekend, half day Saturday + full day Sunday. There are 2 months between each part. The course includes Ayurvedic lunch, drinks, snacks and course notes. The 6th part is taught in a retreat setting over 4 days - TBC. Each of the parts will give you a new practice to add onto your existing meditation with enormous lifelong benefit. You also have the ability to sit in on the course again for a minimal fee whenever Laura runs it.


"The advanced mantra I received felt entirely yummy on my mind, like massaging my brain in all the harmonious ways. Felt delicious in ways I couldn't foresee or understand, like a magical ancient vibration that was so familiar. I was ready for it! It took my practice to the next level. In use, the transcending process slows down, which allows me to explore a wider breadth of the layers in the process, and so it enriches my experience."



"This year I chose to undertake the 'Rishi Training' course facilitated by Laura Poole. To date, it has been one of the most profoundly uplifting experiences that continues to evolve and shape my experience of life. Laura creates a heartwarming, inclusive and supportive environment to encourage rich dialogues to arise, inspired from the Vedic teachings cognised by Thom Knoles. The knowledge, wisdom and practices have helped me to release stress, deepen my meditation practice and experience greater connection and harmony during my day. I cannot recommend this course highly enough and wholeheartedly suggest it to anyone wishing to lead a meaningful and purposeful life. Jai Guru Deva!"

Amelia, primary school teacher

" After completing 'Rishi Training', I embarked upon 'Siddha Training'. A simple, extremely powerful and expansive practice that is added to your daily meditation. It's hard to put a price tag on this, as everything changes. The benefits at first are subtle... then you realise that your waking state is being upgraded in every way possible. Luxe living! Laura's beautiful guidance, knowledge and insight into the ancient practice ensures that no questions are left unanswered. I highly recommend any meditator learning the siddhis practice."