Knowledge is Power!

Photo by  Alexander Klein

There is a need for deeper knowledge and wisdom in this world right now. Knowledge that is uncensored and contains a wide range of thoughts, discussions and topics, both positive and negative.

There is also a need for individual research of these ideas. The testing out of new ways of living, thinking and acting. Of not being so fixated on one set of core beliefs that you are unable to acknowledge there may be other ways. And then viewing these ‘radical’ ideas with an objective perspective and an openness to discovering the underlying unity.

And most importantly, there is a need to synthesize and embody this knowledge. To not get overwhelmed with the scale of world problems and become apathetic. But to see how as individuals we can awaken to greater possibilities that will end up changing the very fabric of society.

As my favourite yogi said:

"If you read one hour,

work two hours,

And think three hours."

Paramahana Yogananda

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