When darkness comes

Photo by  Alexander Klein

When darkness comes

Embrace it with open arms.

When the shadow is revealed

Bring it into your light.

The pain in our hearts

Is the feeling of realisation.

That possibly we’re not as free as we once thought.

And this feeling is a reflection of movement

As that which no longer serves us

Is offered up.

The pain

Expressive of growth.

Is offered up.

The fear

Of stepping into the unknown

Is offered up.

When you feel this

Know you are expanding.

Know you are doing the work.

The only thing that dissolves the dark

Is light.

The light is your awareness.

The light is your heart.

The light is others sweet presence.

Don’t feel like you have to hide any part of yourself

Shadow or light.

Include it all into the presence of your self.

Love it all.

Feel it all.

Be it all.

The ocean is in every wave.

Laura Poole