Mahasoma Community Meditation and Wisdom Session No. 2 with Jonni Pollard

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Another wonder-filled evening of community, wisdom and belonging, this time with special guest Jonni Pollard. For those that don’t know Jonni, he is a breath of fresh air. A funny, down-to-earth, embodied Vedic meditation teacher with decades of training in the art of self-knowledge. He’s also the original co-founder of 1 Giant Mind, new father to baby daughter Saffira and now an international author of his just-released book ‘The Golden Sequence’

Last night at our second Mahasoma community meditation and wisdom session, Jonni gave a powerful talk on the importance of taking the self-awareness we cultivate through meditation into action each day… to create the pinnacle experience of life – LOVE.


He spoke about our biological need to belong, reclaiming the power of our humanity, practicing love in the face of fear and disconnect, the ‘golden sequence’ for coming back to a place of love, and the importance of each individual taking responsibility for the creation of a harmonious society based on love, connection and belonging.

Thank you Jonni for all your wisdom and for your latest gift to humanity, your new book ‘The Golden Sequence’. It’s out now and can be purchased online here. Enjoy!

the golden sequence jonni pollard

Laura Poole