Want to become a Vedic meditation teacher?

Our monthly Mahasoma community meditation and wisdom sessions in Melbourne

Six years ago, on the day auspicious day of Deepavali, I graduated as a Vedic meditation teacher. After 4 years of practice, my training concluded with a long and intensive 3 months of studying the Veda and exploring the inner realms of consciousness… an experience I will never forget. It initiated within me a whole new way of being and living. And catapulted me into the realm of lifelong service that I am eternally grateful for.

And now, as our amazing community grows here in Melbourne, I feel honoured to be taking some of my dedicated and devoted students through the same process. Early next year we will be in India for 3 months, as I train the next generation of Vedic meditation teachers, so they too can continue sharing this deep and incredible wisdom to help serve the need of the time.

So what does it take to become a teacher? There are many different meditation training courses out there - some online, others in person, some for a one-week, others for a month. Each training provides a pathway for one to begin the process of becoming a teacher and each style has its own benefit.


To train as a Vedic meditation teacher, it does require a significant amount of commitment and devotion! And you can see it in those who graduate and go on to share this ‘wisdom of life’ in their communities. It literally shines through their eyes and hearts.

First up, it requires you having taken the 4-session in-person Vedic meditation course. You then want to have been practicing twice a day for a minimum of 2 years. This is going to give you the direct experience of what it’s like to be a daily meditator, which will be your foundation for teaching. If you think about it, you wouldn’t go to a doctor who had only practiced medicine once on a medical retreat and then possibly a few times a week for six months. In the same way, when you learn to meditate you want to be learning from someone who has deep personal experience with the practice and has made it an effortless part of their daily life. That is how you know you’re going to get a really great teacher that will be there to support you throughout your own meditation journey.


After mastering the practice, devoting yourself to it every day, the next part in the learning journey is to explore the deep and rich Vedic wisdom that is the place from which your meditation technique came from. It’s also the home of the wisdom of Yoga and at the science of Ayurveda. Immersing yourself in the Veda is a vital part of becoming a Vedic meditation teacher, not only for the knowledge you will share, but for the state of being you will move into through the continual practice and embodiment of the wisdom. You will literally become one who can ‘see’ the wisdom of life, cognise what is needed and be able to share that from the heart, generously, with those around you. Therefore another of the prerequisites to become a teacher is our ‘Rishi Training’ program (or equivalent).

We also highly suggest attending a Vedic meditation ‘Rounding Retreat’ where you engage in an intensive yoga/pranayama/meditation program over 5-10 days. Rounding Retreats are designed to create the perfect conditions for you to let go of deep seated stressed in the body, to dissolve old patterns and habits of thinking and doing, and explore the depth and breadth of your own awareness so you can live in this expanded state of Being in your everyday life. Rounding is also the practice that you will be engaging in everyday as part of your training, so it helps to be familiar with!

After a year of meditating, it’s time to get your advanced mantra, which is designed to deepen and expand your practice, while giving you a different experience in your meditations.

Finally, the last prerequisite is to have started the powerful ‘Siddha Training’ program, and either have fully completed it, or have done at least parts 1-3. This training is the creme de la creme of our offerings and really transforms you into the most wonderful outlet for service to humanity.

Note: All of these courses can be taken and you don’t have to become a teacher! They are incredible, life changing experiences that enhance everything. And whatever your dharma is, these courses are designed to help you perform it with even greater love, devotion and service.



If you’ve been thinking of stepping into the role of a Vedic meditation teacher, have completed all the prerequisite courses, and want to be of great service to humanity then reach out to me! There is space for a couple more dedicated students to transition into the role of a teacher.

I feel this is one of the greatest needs of our time… to create opportunities for people to learn a self-sufficient practice in which they can de-stress, awaken to their true self, and embody that in their everyday life. This is the role of a Vedic meditation teacher.

And if training in the Himalayan mountains for 3 months, surrounded by other incredible beings, and supported by female teachers is what you’re desiring, then this may just be speaking right to you.


WHEN: March-May 2019

WHERE: North India - 5 hours north of Rishikesh in the Himalayas at an Eco Lodge situated on the Ganga. The training and concludes with a 2-week pilgrimage further north, to sacred sites from our tradition, where you will graduate as an independent Vedic meditation teacher.

WHO: Laura Poole with special guest Pandit Baskaran. There will also be a couple more visiting Vedic meditation teachers sharing their wisdom and years of experience on the training - TBC.

PREREQUISITES: Minimum 2 years of daily Vedic meditation practice + Advanced Mantra + Rounding Retreat + Rishi Training (or equivalent) + Siddha Training Part 1-3 (or equivalent).

INTERESTED? Please send me an email with your interest so I can send you more details! Then we can set up a time to have an interview (online) to see if this training is right for you.

Jai Guru Deva!

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Laura Poole