Proudly supporting The Refugee Council of Australia


When you learn Vedic meditation with me (through our new platform MAHASOMA), you're not only gifting yourself an incredible practice that is going to transform your life, but you are also supporting local Australian charities so they can continue to give to those in need.

And one of these incredible charities we're working with is The Refugee Council of Australia.

Learn Vedic meditation = Help provide research, education and advocacy for refugees in Australia.

The Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) is a non-profit, non-government organisation that has been serving refugees and people seeking asylum since 1981. RCOA continues to provide services to these communities directly as well as supporting other organisations working in Australia and overseas.   

All of the initiatives that are developed by RCOA aim to ensure that Australia's policies toward refugees and people seeking asylum offer the protection they have the right to and always reflect respect, decency and generousity. The only funding they receive is through donations, funding from members and grants received by government agencies.

RCOA focuses on advocating for refugee law reform and policy, and providing education to the community. They develop specific projects that target key issues faced by refugees and people seeking asylum, such as the lack of available housing, financial aid and access to legal services, education opportunities, employment and trauma counselling.

A key concern of RCOA is the prevention of family separation. The law in Australia is making it increasingly difficult for refugee families in Australia to be reunited with family members still overseas. These family members are often still facing persecution and need Australia's protection. Families can also be separated once they arrive in Australia. No matter the circumstances, family separation creates stress and trauma and can be avoided if new policies were introduced by the Government. It is because of policies like this that the work of RCOA is so important in Australia today as they are able to give a voice to those who may not otherwise be heard.

We at Mahasoma are proud to be supporting RCOA and their extremely important and relevant work. We also look forward to sharing more of what we do, to help refugees feel the most needed and basic human rights - to belong, to be cared for and to live with peace of mind. 


Laura Poole