Understanding the larger matrix

mahasoma quote

For the past two weeks we have been in India, training an incredible group of Vedic meditation students to take their rite of passage to become teachers.

To begin with, hours and hours of study and practice go into learning the history of our Vedic tradition... from the beginning of time. This isn’t a ‘past history’ lesson to memorise or make one bound to formalities, rules or tradition. But instead to understand the living pulse of creation, and to directly experience on the level of subtle consciousness, how life was created and our role in it. To know the woven tapestry of relationship, to belong to it and know how to best serve it... creatively, dynamically and with love.

Grounded in an ‘understanding of the larger matrix’, the tree of individual life grows strong roots, withstanding the battering of the storms of ignorance. It produces sweet fruit that branches out to anyone desiring to quench the hunger of emptiness. And it provides shade and shelter for those exhausted from wandering through the desert of the ever-changing material world.

This powerful quote from Anodea Judith sums up what we have been doing here so far, up to 19 hours a day. When these beautiful humans come home, graduated as teachers, let’s just say they will have earned it. And their communities will be graced with another tree of life for all to enjoy.

With love from the Himalayas, Laura x

Laura Poole