I dive in

                             Photo by  Sidney Bensimon

                             Photo by Sidney Bensimon

I dive in.

I dive down.

Through blackness so dense I have to assure myself it’s safe.

Layer through layer.

Each time deeper.

Till I reach what I believe is the bottom of the ocean.

It’s all primal here.

People fighting angry slaps.

A man swinging in the dark on an old swing.

A thousand microphones hanging down

in a art-like sculpture trying to capture the essence

of humankind communication.

I know what happens next,

It’s always the same.

I shouldn’t give in but it feels so good.

It pulls me out and I fly up.

Darkness through darkness.

My head arches back,

tongue flicking so rapidly like a snake

as the air is drawn back into my lungs.


And no one to share it with but myself.


Poem written in 2012 while living in NYC