Not so Alone

over the years
i have found
that taking time
to be alone
is a wonderful experience
gifting insight and perspective
to see beyond the waves of life
to submerge into the depths
to ask 'what do I really want?'

then to breathe for a while
in this state
communing self-to-self
nowhere to be
nothing to do

palpably experiencing
that your awareness
deep inside
is the same lively awareness
that is everywhere outside

and i am playing
like the rolling waves
like the quivering leaves
full to the brim
bliss intoxicating
this sweet little body

oh to be alone
is not so lonely
for how can you be alone
when awareness is everywhere?
and you too are that?

as you look around with curiosity
'ah ha!' the world says
I've been waiting for you to be here
so very pleased to meet you.