Proudly supporting OzHarvest

Learn Vedic meditation = 

Give a family of 4 in need food on their table for 2 weeks!

When you learn Vedic meditation with me, you are not only giving yourself the best gift you could possibly receive in this life (trust me on this!), but you’re also giving to those who are really in need. And one of the charities we have chosen to work with this year is Oz Harvest.

OzHarvest collects quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivers it directly to more than 1000 charities supporting people in need across the country. As Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, their vision is “to build a world with zero food waste and free of hunger, where everyone can lead a fully sustainable life”.

After noticing the huge volume of quality food going to waste, founder Ronni Kahn made it her mission to find a more sustainable way. Starting with one van in Sydney, 2004, she delivered 4,000 meals in the first month.

Around 8 years later, I met Ronni at the ashram we both go to in India, where our teacher would always say that the best thing you can do to be of service in this world is to feed the hungry. Because no one can start on the inner journey or walk the spiritual path if their bellies are empty and their basic needs are not being met. The ashram feeds tens of thousands of visitors every day and is a huge inspiration for the many people who visit. The thing with Ronni is that she didn’t just marvel at the seva being performed there, she took it right into action and has made it her life mission.

Today, OzHarvest is a national operation, rescuing over 100 tonnes of food each week. With over 3,000 food donors - including supermarkets, hotels, airports, wholesalers, farmers, corporate events, shopping centres, delis and restaurants - OzHarvest are truly embodying their vision to transform the food industry into a system which is sustainable and inclusive for all.

OzHarvest also work closely with the community to educate all ages about nutrition, food waste and sustainability. Through their engaging workshops, people gain the knowledge and confidence to take on these issues in their own lives and contribute to the positive change.

We are thrilled to be a proud supporter of OzHarvest and to be sharing in the vision of a world where everyone is cared for, nourished and living a sustainable life.



Laura Poole