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When you learn Vedic meditation with me, you're not only gifting yourself an incredible practice that is going to transform your life, but you are also supporting local Australian not-for-profits so they can continue to give to those in need.

And one of these incredible charities we're working with is A Sound Life (ASL).

Learn Vedic meditation = Gift 3 people living with disabilities music, yoga and meditation sessions.

Founded in 2014 by Edo and Jo Mall-Kahn, A Sound Life works globally to enhance the lives of people in need by providing free music, yoga and meditation sessions - the first charity in Australia to do this! ASL strives to serve the growing need in our community for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

I met Edo and Jo in 2012 and upon hearing their beautiful music and seeing their love for each other and those around them, I knew these were some special humans. We became wonderful friends and it has been a joy to witness the birth of A Sound Life, and to also have collaborated over the years through 1 Giant Mind Australia, bringing music and meditation to those in need.

Edo, who was already a musician, talks about how it was through experiencing the power of chanting mantras and volunteering at a special needs school, that he was brought back to the essence of music making as a therapeutic tool for deep connection, healing, joy and transformation.

Edo and Jo had created and supported many projects over the years, touring in Australia, India and South East Asia as mantra music group Edo & Jo, as well as running yoga retreats. Inspired by the teachings and charitable work of their spiritual teacher Sri Sakthi Amma in India, they discovered the joy of leading a purposeful life dedicated to serving humanity.

After years of worldwide volunteering and directly experiencing the transformative power of mantra, music and meditation, Edo and Jo combined their skills and shared passion for selfless service to create programs to uplift and support those facing hardships. And 'A Sound Life' was born.

A Sound Life harnesses the skills of volunteers who deliver nourishing programs as a free service for people facing hardships in health care facilities (hospitals, aged-care, disabilities, mental health) and underserved communities (incl. youth at risk and women's shelters).

a sound life

ASL’s programs are delivered by specifically trained volunteers and include bedside performances for sick kids, yoga schools in orphanages and corporate songwriting. Each program is tailor made to have a therapeutic and nourishing effect for those it serves.

Since 2014, ASL volunteers have delivered 1141 free yoga and music sessions (worth more the $600K) in over 39 venues including hospitals, aged-care, disability and mental health facilities around Australia. Their contributions also include the launch of a yoga and music school led by locals at Rainbow Ridge Orphanage in Tanzania.

In 2015, Jo Mall-Kahn was diagnosed with cancer and in a very short period of time, left her body. In those weeks, she was surrounded by her beautiful family and community, and she left this Earth in a swathe of love, mantra, and surrender. Her smile, grace and presence lives on in each of us she touched with her light, and her purpose lives on through A Sound Life.

I am so proud to be supporting Edo and the Sound Life team to continue in their self-less service of giving back to humanity. To find out more about how you can volunteer please visit their website. And ASL will be launching soon in Melbourne! Stay tuned for upcoming collaborations and volunteer opportunities.

With Love,

Laura x

a sound life
Laura Poole