Thom Knoles on eclipses, porn and tsunamis - Part 3

                                           Image by Lloyd Meudell

                                           Image by Lloyd Meudell

The final part of my interview with Thom Knoles. Read Part 1 and Part 2 here.

Laura: What is the Vedic worldview of eclipses? 

Thom: In the Vedic worldview we don’t like looking at eclipses. It’s a little bit like watching someone go to the bathroom… you don’t hear people saying ‘Hey this amazing thing is about to happen! Come into the bathroom and watch me!’ Eclipses are a time of purification for either the sun (solar eclipse) or the moon (lunar eclipse)Just like with our bodies, if I’m feeling a little strange, or clogged up, I’m going to go into the bathroom and make some smells and things. And if everyone wants to come in and talk to you and watch you while you are doing it, you’re like ‘Get out. Not while I’m purifying’. And so sun or moon doesn’t appreciate being gazed out while in a state of purification (eclipses). In fact they can even get grumpy with you, just like a human can get grumpy if you stand in the bathroom watching them while they’re trying to poop (laughs). And this is natural. It’s like if you try to pat a dog while it’s crouching down taking a poop. The dogs going to be uncomfortable, possibly even a little angry as it’s like ‘leave me alone!

Laura: How does the shadow of the Earth purify the moon?

Thom: It’s not so much that the Earth’s shadow purifies the moon, just like you wouldn’t say the poop lying on the ground or in the toilet purified the body. It’s the process of elimination that’s being indicated. So moon is having a bit of a rest and purifying. During this process, it kind of looks like a peach colour, as the Earth’s shadow is the same size as the moon and completely covers it… I looked at it before I knew not to (laughs).

Laura: In Vedic astrology, it’s said that a lunar eclipse is when Ketu swallows the moon, and a solar eclipse is when Rahu swallows it. What’s the relationship between Ketu, Rahu and Soma Chandra? Ketu and Rahu are the shadow planets in Vedic Astrology (Jyotish).

Thom: Ketu, Rahu and Shani (Sanskrit for Saturn) are the big purifies in the Vedic astrological world. They set things right and purify. People talk about these planets as being maleficent. But is going to the bathroom maleficent? It’s just natural purification. It’s cyclical and always scheduled. You just do what you do and don’t have any parties during those times. It’s not a place for parties (laughs). ‘Let’s all stand around and take pictures of it!’ So out of respect for Soma Chandra, we don’t like to look at it when it’s purifying.

In India, everyone goes indoors. All the curtains are pulled, and whenever it’s over everyone comes out and everything is better after as a big purification has taken place. Eclipses are not a spectators sport.

Laura: It’s funny because that’s what it seems to have become these days.

Thom: Yes just like sexuality is a spectators sport now. The number one image is people copulating. Porn produces eight times the revenue of all television stations, Hollywood, all films, imagery and everything else put together. People faking that they’re making love (laughs). Turning it into a spectators sport.

One of the things that caused Rome to fall was the Coliseum and the Gladiators. Instead of actually doing anything functional, they turned the art of war into a spectators sport. And so then, people who had no skill whatsoever on the battlefield, would go and watch other humans slaughtering each other.

Now this may be something that’s necessary as a purification method, when a group of people is no longer a good custodians of the land. Nature always invites in more powerful people who might be good custodians and in they come. Then there’s a battle. Those battles are a method of purificaton that are not intended to be a spectator’s sport. When you turn it into one, then nature becomes angry with you. So we have a lot of angry nature night now. Nature is feeling so much inappropriate behavior going on.

Laura: What effect is porn having on the collective consciousness?

Thom: It’s basically the collective making itself less and less relevant to survive. You know, survival is not a fundamental right. You earn survival by progressing. So if you progress and evolve then survival is guaranteed. And if you don’t then your survival is really getting annoying. And if we annoy nature, all it has to do is shake a little bit and everything we know is gone. All our biggest cities are built on the coast. And nature has been warning us for a while. As a child did you ever hear of the word tsunami?

Lisbon, Portugal in the 1700’s, a tsunami came that… you saw those pictures of the recent tsunami in Japan? It’s terrifying. This white line appeared on the horizon then in it came. And it just came in and engulfed everything. And how far it goes inland is incredible. If the Japan tsunami hit Bondi Beach, it would have gone as far inland as Toongabby. That’s how far inland it went. Past Paramatta. And that was a tsunami that was about 50m high.

Now in Portugal, a tsunami came in that was 1000 feet (300m) high. And the entire city went under water. Something like three quarters of the population was swept away. And Lisbon has never had one since. But you know the number of times we’ve had tsunamis or heard about them just in recent years… it’s in the collective awareness. Nature gets annoyed and it just does this little shaking off like a cow does to get a fly of its back. And the ocean floor moves. So if human beings behave like flys…

It’s becoming more and more important to upgrade the collective consciousness. The collective is made up of individuals… so the best place to start is with you. If we all upgrade our own states of consciousness, naturally the collective consciousness rises. There’s less fear and ignorance, and more coherence and unity. This is what nature loves. This is evolution. And it all starts in the mind.

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