Retreats are a wonderful way to gain deep rest, delve deeper into the ancient Vedic wisdom, all the while being surrounded by like-minded people and having unforgettable experiences! These retreats are for those who have already learnt Vedic meditation and are wanting to expand their practice. If you want to join us on retreat but haven't learnt, please sign up for a course first so you can experience the profound benefits of a daily meditation practice.

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Join us on an immersive odyssey into the heartland of the Vedic culture! Held during the powerful time of 'Navaratri' - the nine nights of Mother Divine - we will visit powerful spiritual sites, perform daily yagyas (fire ceremonies) and each participant will engage in an individually tailored intensive rounding program. Rounding is an advanced system which combines a specific yoga asana sequence (physical postures), pranayama (yogic breathing technique) and Vedic meditation. Through this process, you will dissolve years of accumulated stress, gain deep rest and be exposed to valuable Vedic wisdom. This retreat has been designed to give you a powerful experience of rejuvenation while facilitating you to expand your state of consciousness and embody your truest self.

NEXT RETREAT --- 8th - 20th October 2018


This retreat has been designed to give you deep rest, rejuvenate your whole being and create the space so you can surrender into your natural self. Over four nights/five days you will ‘round away stress’ and ‘ground into nature'. Coupled with daily Ayurvedic home cooked meals and powerful Vedic wisdom sessions, you will leave feeling lighter, clearer, more open and able to detect the subtle beauty in all of life.

"Thank you for such a wonderful weekend. I am still feeling the benefits." - Chloe

"Just wanted to thank you so much for the weekend. The retreat was an incredible experience and I have continued to inhabit the most joyful state. Am truly grateful." - Jordy

"Laura and Alex, I just want to thank you so so much for such an incredibley beautiful experience. I can barely put it into words and to be honest whenever I try to, it just does not do it enough justice. Thank you for a truly beautiful engagement with the self. Something I definitely have not done enough of in my lifetime so far. I am going to look forward to something like this in my schedule on a regular basis. How clever you both are to be so young and so clear on what is necessary and to be able to provide these unique opportunities to the rest of the us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Emma


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In this retreat we venture deep into the ancient land of the Vedic culture, to the abode of wisdom and the heart of compassion. This pilgrimage is for dedicated meditators who are really wanting to take their daily practice to a deeper spiritual level and are ready for powerful transformation. This trip will challenge, move, inspire, uplift and give you experiences that will change the way you see the world and your role in it.

“It was an amazing, inspirational and expansive experience. We explored some breathtaking sights and spent time amongst some of the most powerful Nature on earth. The whole experience was completed by the amazing knowledge and guidance from Laura who showed total commitment in ensuring everyone not only enjoyed the pilgrimage but took from it life long lessons from her vast abundance of Vedic wisdom!” - Michael

“The most beautiful and profound trip. Laura’s Vedic knowledge blew me away. If you really want to feel, as well as see spiritual India, then this is the experience for you.” - Matt

“It’s hard to put it into words what the trip meant! As soon as I heard about it my heart called me to join. I didn’t know at the time how profound this trip would be and even four months later I am still unfurling the many experiences that were a part of the yatra. Laura’s immense Vedic knowledge is generously and sincerely shared with warmth and humour. This is a trip that will move you deeply and leave you feeling nourished to the core.” - Amy

3rd-15th September 2017 - FULLY BOOKED