Welcome MELBOURNE Vedic meditators! I look forward to sharing more and supporting you in your daily meditation practice.

Our community group meditation and knowledge sessions are now on every day! Days, times and venue TBC each week. We start with a 20 minute meditation and then engage in an hour Q&A style wisdom session.



Please click the button below, and enter the password you received in email or text, to see our new daily group meditation timetable!

Note: If you're not already on my Vedic meditators text message list, please email me with your mobile number and who you learnt with so I can add you to the group! We also have a private Facebook group to stay in touch. Please add me 'Laura Poole' on Facebook and send me a message if you'd like to join.

For all students who have been taught Vedic meditation by me, have attended one of my retsrets, or who live in Melbourne and can't make it to our weekly group meditation and knowledge sessions, I am now posting the 'wisdom talks' online each week on a private page for Vedic meditators to be able to listen to. Please email me for details.